Monaco-based Case Scenario creates mobile accessories with functionality, design and style in mind. Our team is made up of creative talents from around the globe but shares a singular commitment to creating the highest quality products by combining European design expertise with innovations from around the world. We’re driven by a passion to create design that reflects the growing importance of technology in our everyday daily lives without compromising quality, functionality, or creativity.


A Case Scenario product is an ideal balance of three elements: PROTECTION, EXPRESSION, and COLLABORATION.


We strive to meet the protection needs of the mobile accessory market through innovative design and high quality materials.


Technology is an integral part of our everyday lives, so the mobile devices we choose become a form of personal expression. Our diverse selection of styles ensures the best Case Scenario for every mobile user.


Not only are Case Scenario’s licensing partners and collaborators among the best artists, designers and illustrators in the world, their creative ideas continue to shape and evolve the cultural landscape.


Case Scenario is committed to protecting smartphones, tablets, and laptops while enhancing the user experience through functional, innovative and expressive design. We will go above and beyond in everything we create for you.

Welcome to the best Case Scenario.